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To increase the company's profits, they buy data.
Evis is a data marketplace
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EVIS DM allows you to create cash flow by monetizing data or providing services analysts, as well as establish new partnerships with platform members


EVIS DM allows you to access data sets to make data-driven business decisions, train artificial intelligence, and increase enterprise efficiency / Buy


Ways to use external data

How is the purchased data used?

Buying data allows corporations to create new revenue streams through the launch of a new product or service, increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, strengthen the HR department, predict risks, predict changes in demand, and much more

B2C Customer Analytics

Making decisions based on objective external data. The ability to find out the habits and impressions of customers through the analysis of transactions, social networks, reviews, LTV of competitors. Predict demand and improve service offerings using data on employment, income, interests, and more

B2B Customer Analytics

Identifying new trends and demand, creating a product based on market needs. Analyze and manage product offerings through statistics, employment rates, revenue, customer reviews and reputation

Analysis at the heart of the HR company

Comparison of the skills of company employees with competitors. Improvement of personnel policy and quality of personnel. Optimization of costs by optimizing personnel policy. Finding and hiring talent. As a result, a stronger organization

Forecasting changes

Predict how the cost and quantity of the crop will change after the influence of weather and pests? How much, what quality, and when will it appear on the supermarket counter? Predict which industries will develop based on research from Data Providers and what product does this industry need?

Affiliate Risk Management

Analyze data about a potential partner to build long-term relationships and avoid unwanted procedures. Find out connections between subsidiaries and parent companies, information about responsible persons, court cases, news and more

Bussiness Solutions

How companies use purchased datasets

Agricultural sector

Optimizing yields, hedging risks, increasing production and controlling costs. An efficient way of working requires the exchange and work with external data. Agricultural corporations use artificial intelligence and need to be trained


Modern transport generates a huge amount of streaming and statistical information. Autonomy, safety, compliance with environmental requirements. All this requires the uninterrupted exchange of up-to-date data


Working with consumer habits and forming new ones. Impact on user choice, profit growth per square meter, work with customer loyalty, back-office and supply optimization. Increase LTV


Medicine of the future will use massive data exchange between laboratories, medical centers and states. This will enable healthcare to go a long way in a short period of time

Financial sector

Hedge funds and banks are at the forefront of AI and Big Data analysis. Each world event can affect the value of assets, increasing or decreasing it. The financial sector is a leading player in the data market


Creation of conditions for smooth and safe operations, optimization of terms and costs, hedging of risks. Searching for new routes and building long-term business relationships. Logistics integrates the use of Big Data into processes

Artificial intelligence

Successful companies need large amounts of external information to train artificial intelligence

Companies working with AI are a stable buyer of Data sets. AI adoption is critical to a large number of business sectors. Companies that have adopted AI are generating more revenue, while companies that have not done so are lagging further behind.

For constant AI training, new data is regularly required, which is quite difficult to collect and process. This is why developers turn to data sellers. This speeds up and reduces the cost of the development procedure

Data pipeline

As the nexus, EVIS DM provides an all-in-one service:

Lots of suggestions

Find the datasets you need and compare offers from different providers. Get a sample and the best price. Make a choice with whom to cooperate based on rating and reviews

Ease of purchase

The infrastructure of EVIS DM is built in such a way that the buyer does not require skills in working with blockchain applications. He can make a purchase by bank transfer or card

Trade in 1 minute

Find data using filters; Compare offers; Pay with cryptocurrency / transfer / card; Get datasets and NFT-d token


A platform with transparent governance in which you can directly participate. Distribution of commission from transactions among Governance participants

gigaEVIS blockchain

We are proud of our own blockchain for free and fast transactions. This created the ability to set a commission of 0.4% from the transaction (in contrast to 10-20% of other Data Marketplaces)

NFT-d token

Our task was to develop such a right of ownership and use of an asset that could be conveniently used and transferred. We created NFT-d


The data market is growing every year

54% of companies indicated their readiness to regularly make purchases using the Data Marketplace. 92% of companies admitted that they lack internal data and their business needs external data.


Accenture research estimates that by 2030, over 1 million organizations worldwide shall monetize their data assets, unlocking more than $ 3.6 trillion in value.


According to Forbes Senior Contributor Gil Press, the previous decade saw growth of almost 5,000% in "the amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world.»


Opening up new monetization opportunities. Today’s interconnected and digitized world increases the value of high-quality data assets while creating innovative revenues streams.

McKinsey Digital

Data search

Companies spend thousands of hours searching for up-to-date data

According to McKinseys employees spend 28% of their day looking for inside information. Unfortunately, there is no study showing how many hours are spent looking for outside information, but we can assume that this figure is even higher

It is the responsibility of the EVIS Data Marketplace to connect the sides. We not only make buying data as convenient as ordering goods at home, but also develop the economy as a whole, helping companies to become more efficient

Our developments

Technical features of the EVIS Data Marketplace platform

Different kinds of data

For reading by humans or machines; training data for AI and ML; inhouse / exhouse data, readings from device sensors or depersonalized personal information; Raw data or ready for analysis

Three types of sellers

Data Provider - a company specializing in the collection, processing and sale of data; Data Supplier is an independent vendor; the value of an asset is determined by artificial intelligence; Super seller

Super Seller

Network members unite in a community and together own, supply, modify and sell datasets; This makes it possible to create added value for any data asset and successfully monetize it

DAO and Governance

Each participant who provided liquidity becomes a Governance participant. This gives the right to receive a share of the commission from each transaction on the platform, actively participate in the life of the platform and many other benefits

gigaEVIS and NFT-d tokens

gigaEVIS is our own blockchain, created specifically for working with data: free fast transactions; Bridge with Ethereum; after the transaction, the buyer receives a set of data and an NFT-d token - ownership of the asset

Smart Contracts

EVIS DM is a platform where strangers can own one asset: the first can provide RAW data, the second can be cleaned, the third can be modified. By selling the final version of the asset, each participant will receive their share through a smart contract

EVIS White Label

For your business

Do you or your organization need a marketplace? With your own name, design and domain? So you are at the right place. EVIS provides a free service for launching a White Label marketplace

That being said, we're not just providing code or wrapper. Our team will help you complete all the necessary settings and launch your own marketplace within a week!

Your users will appreciate the functionality, because the new platform will run on the gigaEVIS blockchain and only have your datasets

Token EVIS

The EVIS Data Marketplace ecosystem is built on the use of the EVIS token in the Ethereum and gigaEVIS networks

The architecture of the platform is designed so that transactions are carried out quickly and with minimal costs. The EVIS token was created to ensure the stability of the system and reward participants


Blockchain and token are created for active trading

Payments on the gigaEVIS blockchain are made free of charge with the EVIS token. Token transfer between the Ethereum network and gigaEVIS is carried out through a bridge in a 1: 1 ratio


Token is redeemed from the exchange in every EVIS DM trade

The buyer can complete the transaction by paying for the order by bank transfer, card or cryptocurrency. In all transactions, the system will accept payment, redeem EVIS tokens from the exchange and transfer them to the seller


Deflation, constant growth in demand

Receiving a commission, the site burns 25% of the received tokens, and the other 25% of the funds are spent on buying back tokens from the exchange, after which they will also be burned. Fewer tokens


Demand for the token in several markets

The EVIS token is used on all Data Marketplaces that will be built using the gigaEVIS blockchain network. As the ecosystem develops for the sale of data, the demand for the token will grow


Ability to make decisions on the platform

By providing liquidity on Uniswap, you become a Governance member of the platform and receive a part of the commission from each transaction on the EVIS DM platform, as well as the opportunity to influence the platform


Turnover on DEX and classic exchanges

After the launch, the EVIS token will be in circulation on Uniswap and the TOP-10 exchange by the number of users. We consider it an important task to create large trading volumes for the token

We will be running an active marketing campaign to ensure that the EVIS community grows actively after the launch of the platform and token


Growth model

EVIS token is designed so that the demand for it is constantly growing

A distinctive feature of the token is its presence in every transaction on the EVIS Data Marketplace platform. Regardless of what method of payment the transaction was made. After the completion of the transaction, 50% of the commission will be burned, which reduces the amount of the EVIS token and increases its demand

Permanent token burning

The number of tokens decreases daily, after the completion of each transaction on the EVIS Data Marketplace platform, as well as other Data Marketplaces built by our team. The site burns EVIS tokens in the amount of 50% of the commission of each transaction

Token participates in every trade

Regardless of the means of payment, any amount of funds is transferred to the EVIS token by redeeming the EVIS token on the exchange. The customer transfers the payment, the built-in funds automatically exchange the entire amount for the EVIS token. This creates trading volumes and demand for the token

Use on other sites

Based on EVIS White Label, our team will create your own marketplace for free. And it will not necessarily be a Data Marketplace, the gigaEVIS blockchain was created to work with NFT and NFT-d tokens, which makes its functionality limitless

Providing liquidity

To become a Governance member, you need to provide liquidity on Uniswap. This means that the Governance participant withdraws EVIS tokens from circulation, freezes them in a smart contract. The fewer tokens in circulation, the higher the demand


Token Release
Terms of distribution of the token among platform participants
Private sale
3 months lock up, unlock linear 2 years
Public Sale
unlock linear 3 months
unlock linear 2 years
× Tokenomics

Governance members

By owning EVIS tokens, you can provide liquidity, in return for receiving the Governance status of a participant

Farming: you deposit Uniswap liquidity tokens and receive new EVIS tokens every second

You receive a part of the commission from each transaction on EVIS DM and from each exchange transaction EVIS / ETH on the largest decentralized exchange Uniswap

Co-owning a super seller account - owns a huge dataset, gets 20% of the sale value of its datasets

Why our blog is unique?

Our concept is openness, we develop a blog where we share every step of development in real time

Three factors of the growth

There are some thoughts about project quality, hype and cryptocurrency market cycles

Short review of the EVIS

EVIS Data Marketplace is a decentralized, autonomous, open-source platform built on cutting-edge technologies

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Road Map

June 2021
Project idea development, market research, competitor analysis and research
July 2021
Development of White Paper; working with Advisors, building a project community
August 2021
White Paper announcement; Gathering a team; Consulting; drawing attention to the project through social networks
September 2021
Starting work on the platform ver 1.0; start of a marketing campaign; website development; legacy;
October 2021
Presentation of the site; launching own airdrop bot; increasing the amount of content on social networks; increasing the community;
November 2021
MVP ready; Private Sale; working with advisors; legal work;
December 2021
Inviting specialized organizations to work on site; conduct audits;
Q1 2022
Platform ver 1.0 ready; Public Token Sale; Bringing Data Providers and Data consumers onto the platform; 100 verified Data Providers, 1,000 independent sellers and 5,000 Data Consumers
Q2 2022
Token listing on Top-10 exchange; work to create a mass market for data sales
Q3 2022
EVIS Data Marketplace ver 1.5; 5,000 verified Data Providers, 100,000 independent sellers and 5,000,000 Data Consumer; 2023 EVIS Data Marketplace ver 2.0; Top-3 Exchange listing
EVIS Data Marketplace ver 2.0; listing on the TOP-3 Exchange